You might be making these tooth brushing mistakes

Dentist in Beverly Hills, CATooth brushing is so simple, it can become a mindless behavior or after thought. But brushing done wrong can create problems like gum recession and tooth sensitivity. Consider the following tips to see how you can improve your tooth brushing routine this New Year.

You use the wrong brush

There is a mind-numbing amount of toothbrushes available in your grocery store. How do you know which one is the best? Experts agree that the most important characteristic of your toothbrush should be soft bristles. This will allow for more flexibility in getting under the gum. Some people incorrectly believe that the harder the bristles are, the better the toothbrush will clean. Hard bristles can actually wear down the structure of your teeth over time. Also, be sure you are selecting the right toothbrush head size. This is particularly important if you have a smaller mouth.

You brush too hard

One of the biggest problems with tooth brushing is that people brush far too hard, like they are cleaning the grout around the tile in their bathroom. In reality, plaque is loose and soft and doesn’t require insistent scrubbing to remove.

You brush too fast

The ideal at home dental regimen for teeth brushing should last 2 minutes, every time. It can be hard to get a full two minutes in if you consistently wake up late for work or feel too tired at the end of the day. If it helps, set a timer or your cell phone to two minutes to help you keep track. Better yet, find a favorite song you like to listen to in the morning that is 2 minutes long.

You keep your toothbrush too long

When your toothbrush bristles start to look discolored, dirty, or frayed, its time to say goodbye. A toothbrush is far less effective once these changes begin to happen.

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