The Types of Sedation Dentistry Available

Sedation Dentistry Beverly Hills, CAIf the idea of visiting the dentist makes you want to run for the woods, or at the very least makes you break out into a sweat, sedation dentistry might be right for you. Sedation dentistry utilizes medication to allow patients to relax so a dental procedure can be accomplished. 

The amount of grogginess you feel will depend on the level of sedation you choose. In some cases, a pill can be used while in others a needle will be needed to administer the medication. There are four sedation options:

  • Inhaled minimal sedation: A mask is placed over your nose containing Nitrous oxide combined with oxygen. This gas will allow you to relax. It will make you feel sleepy, but you will remain awake. You will begin breathing through this mask before your procedure right until it is completed.
  • Oral sedation: This type of sedation can make you minimally to moderately groggy depending on how much your dentist has you take. The pill, which is normally from the same family as Valium, will be given to you one hour before your dental procedure. Oral sedation is the easiest form of sedation dentistry. Thus it is the most common. This sedation will make you groggy, and in some cases, you may fall asleep. This form of medication is easy to be awakened from.
  • IV moderate sedation: This is the type of sedation that is administered through a vein using a needle. This allows the sedation to work quickly and your dentist to have more flexibility adjusting the level of sedation.
  • General anesthesia and deep sedation: This form of anesthesia involves medications that will make you almost or completely unconscious. General anesthesia puts you to a deep sleep that is not easy to be awakened from until it wears off.

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At the Center for Implant & Esthetic Dentistry, our goal is to help you achieve your healthiest and brightest smile while allowing you to feel at ease during the process. If you have a fear of visiting the dentist or getting a dental procedure done, we offer sedation dentistry. To arrange an appointment, call our office today at 310-285-0530.

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