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Dental Laboratory Technologists and Designers


The Dental Laboratory Technologist is both a scientist and an artist due to the technological and esthetic components of this unique profession. The field requires a degree of highly refined manual dexterity, good artistic sense and the ability to understand and interpret the anatomy of restorative dentistry.

The dental laboratory technologist designs construct and repair all types of dental prosthetic appliances according to the dentist’s prescription and provide an essential support service for the dental profession.

Center for Implant & Esthetic Dentistry strives to provide the ultimate, natural-looking dental restorations for every patient.  In addition to state of the art technology and equipment in our on-site dental lab, we have two master dental lab technicians/ dental designers who work on-site exclusively for Dr. Mahallati.  Our dedication and commitment to our patients is complete satisfaction with successful results.


Nobu Tsuchimoto

Originally from Gifu, Nobu is passionate about the art of dental design and artistry.  It has inspired him to share his talents internationally to both Australia and the United States in addition to his homeland of Japan.  Nobu began his career as an international dental laboratory technologist and designer at the prestigious, Nagoya Dental College followed by the Osaka Ceramic Training Center, perfecting the art of restorative dentistry.  He creates his natural-looking dental restorations exclusively for our patients since 2009. His favorite pastime is cooking gourmet Japanese meals for his wife and two daughters.


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