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Inlays and Onlays



An inlay is indicated when the damage to the tooth is fairly minimal. An inlay is similar but superior to a filling, but it is much stronger and more durable. It can be made of gold, Zirconia or porcelain. In just 2 appointments, Dr. Mahallati can fabricate an Inlay that can provide our patients with long-lasting years of healthy teeth and function



An onlay is larger than an inlay and indicated when the damage to the tooth is more extensive. It replaces one or more decayed/damaged-cusps (bumps on the teeth) and it can be made from gold, Zirconia or porcelain. In just 2 appointments, Dr. Mahallati can fabricate an Onlay that can provide our patients with long-lasting esthetic and functional rehabilitation of their teeth.


What is the difference between In-Lays, On-Lays, and a Crown?

The ideal treatment for the tooth weather an “Inlay”, “Onlay” or a crown is determined by the size of the cavity or the extent of damage to the tooth. If the damage is fairly small then an Inlay will be the treatment of choice. Larger cavities require an “Onlay”. A crown is generally reserved for when the extent of the damage is quite extensive.


Why should I choose an In-Lay or an On-Lay instead of a traditional filling?

As the size of the cavity grows the filling material is not strong enough to withstand forces of mastication (chewing). Because an “Inlay” or “Onlay” is made in the lab it can be made of much stronger material, therefore, having much better longevity compared to a filling. As always proper post-treatment care is essential in ensuring the longevity of any restoration.


What is the longevity of an In-Lay or Onlay?

Properly cared for it is not unreasonable for an “Inlay” or “Onlay” to last 10-15 years or more.


What procedure is used to install my In-Lays or On-Lays?

With most Modern materials and ceramics, bonding is the technique of choice. It provides superior strength for the material and restores the integrity of the tooth to its previous healthy state.


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