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3 Reasons You May Need a Dental Crown

Dr. Ramin Mahallati serves patients in and around Beverly HIlls and does so with unparalleled expertise and true compassion. Many factors set our practice apart, from Dr. Mahallati’s emphasis on building rich relationships with his patients to his investment in educating his peers and publishing academically. 

The Center for Implant & Esthetic Dentistry team  strives to ensure that your experience with us — whether you come for a routine preventive dental exam or a more complicated procedure — feels safe, supportive, and efficient. 

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown, or cap, is a strong, customized cover for your tooth. It not only protects a damaged or vulnerable tooth, it conceals cosmetic flaws.  

What advantages does a dental crown offer?

Dental crowns provide protection if you have a cracked tooth, dental implant, or a tooth that has had a root canal performed on it, but they’re also fashioned to match the exact shape and color of your tooth.

If Dr. Mahallati considers you a prime candidate for a dental crown, it’s likely that you’re affected by certain conditions. 

1. Your tooth needs to be repaired or supported.

Teeth endure a lot. You chew for an entire lifetime, use your teeth to do things you shouldn’t (like when you rip a plastic bag open), and generally put them through the ringer. Wear-and-tear, decay, and injury can leave you with a tooth that’s become worn down before its time, cracked, or chipped. 

A crown stabilizes a tooth that’s been compromised, including keeping a dental bridge stable if you have one. 

2. You’ve had a root canal.

After a root canal procedure, in which Dr. Mahallati cleans out decay from your root canal, removes the nerves, and seals it, the finishing touch is his fitting you with a crown. The crown provides further protection to that tooth, and it allows the tooth to be functional and look attractive again. 

3. You have a cosmetic issue

In dentistry, a crown conceals a “multitude of sins,” or a wide range of cosmetic imperfections. Dr. Mahallati and his team may fit you with a crown to hide an implant, a tooth with a large filling or a root canal, a gap, or discoloration. 

A dental crown has many advantages

A dental crown is the answer if your tooth needs protection, restoration, an improved appearance, or all three of those combined. We’re fortunate to have a lab right here on the premises where we fabricate your crown.

Another advantage to dental crowns is that with proper care, they last for a very long time. Dr. Mahallati incorporates reviews of your crown as part of your routine care. 

Learn whether a dental crown is the right option for you

Meet with Dr. Mahallati to see if a durable dental crown can address one or more of your dental issues. If a crown is the solution for you, tooth pain will be a thing of the past, and your smile will surely dazzle!

Take a look at our Before and After Gallery to get an idea of what implant and porcelain crowns can do to improve your smile.

Contact our office today to make an appointment by calling 310-846-8386 or book online. Dr. Mahallati and our entire team look forward to working with you!

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