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Bridges Versus Implants

Even losing a single tooth can ruin your smile, impair your speech, make it difficult to eat, and increase your risk of other oral health problems. On a social level, missing teeth can impact your self-esteem and confidence and even affect your professional prospects. 

Fortunately, there are several teeth replacement options available. At the Center for Implant & Esthetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills, our dentist Dr. Ramin Mahallati and our dental team offer cosmetic and restorative dentistry services to improve your smile and oral health.

The difference between dental implants and bridges

Dental implants and bridges are both great options to restore missing teeth, but there are a few key differences to consider.

Dental implants

With dental implants, the initial process is more invasive and takes longer, but the results are permanent. A dental implant replaces the missing tooth from root to crown and also prevents bone loss. Once in place, a dental implant looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. 

Since the implant is surgically placed, the process takes a bit longer. Your gums need to heal before attaching the crown.

Dental bridges

Creating and fitting a dental bridge also requires a few appointments, but the process is quicker and less invasive than with dental implants. If you’re in a hurry to replace missing teeth, a bridge might be the better option for you. 

Bridges usually don’t last as long as implants, and they only replace the crown portion of the missing tooth. Depending on the location of your missing tooth, a bridge may not look as natural as a dental implant. 

Another factor to consider when you’re trying to decide between dental implants or a bridge is budget. Implants are more expensive, so if cost and time are factors, you may want to start with a bridge and then upgrade to dental implants later. 

Are implants right for you?

Implants are not right for everyone. To qualify, you need to be in good general health and have enough healthy bone tissue to support it. Dr. Mahallati will perform a comprehensive dental exam and discuss your options with you at your first appointment.

Whether you decide to get a bridge or dental implants, you shouldn’t wait to replace missing teeth. A complete smile and healthy teeth and gums are essential for your oral and general health and well-being.

With so many dental restoration options, there’s never been a better time to invest in your smile and oral health. For more information about the features and advantages of bridges or dental implants, contact us at the Center for Implant & Esthetic Dentistry to schedule an appointment at our office in Beverly Hills, California.

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