Spotting the Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

Early detection of oral cancer is crucial and can improve your chances of survival if you have it treated promptly. This type of cancer develops in the tissues of your mouth and throat. It is known for spreading to the tongue, tonsils, gums, and adjacent areas. 

Because the symptoms aren’t always noticeable in the beginning stages, it is vital to have an oral cancer screening that can effectively identify the disease.

At the Center for Implant & Esthetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills, Ramin Mahallati, DDS, can  determine if you might be at risk for oral cancer and take the appropriate steps to keep your mouth healthy. Dr. Mahallati and our team of experts dedicate themselves to providing you with reliable results in no time. 

Reasons to be screened for oral cancer  

Oral cancer, a disease brought on by the overgrowth of cells, can affect certain areas of your mouth, including your tongue, your cheeks, and the tissue lining of your gums and mouth. In order to treat this disease with the best chance for a positive outcome, you need a timely diagnosis. If we catch oral cancer early enough, treatments like radiation and chemotherapy can be effective options. 

You have a better chance of survival if we detect oral cancer before it spreads. Over time, cancer spreads to other regions of the mouth. As oral cancer spreads untreated, the rate of survival decreases significantly. 

Symptoms of oral cancer 

Dr. Mahallati begins your oral screening by checking for any abnormalities in the tissues inside of your mouth. If he finds any concerning changes, he recommends a complete screening. He uses a special dye or light to make mutations apparent. 

Symptoms of oral cancer may vary depending on your unique situation. Here are the most common signs of oral cancer:

The only way to get a proper diagnosis is to get an oral cancer screening. Symptoms may not always indicate oral cancer, but you should meet with a dental specialist like Dr. Mahallati if issues persist for longer than a week. 

Risk factors for oral cancer 

Medical experts and scientists are not sure what causes cancer or why some groups of people are more at risk than others. While it isn’t necessarily possible to prevent oral cancer, there are steps you can take to minimize your chances of developing the disease.

Here are some factors that may contribute to your risk for oral cancer:

Also, men are twice as likely as women to develop the disease.

Treating oral cancer successfully begins with an early diagnosis. If you’re experiencing symptoms that are concerning and persist beyond a week, it is vital to schedule an oral cancer screening. Call our office or use our online tool today to schedule an oral cancer screening.

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